Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1996 Chevy Cavalier steering problems....?

My 1996 CHevy Cavalier steering wheel is not at the normal position when I am steering in a straight line. when turning corners i have to oversteer drastically turning the wheel furhter than normal. The steering wheel seems loose, not as tight as it should be. The back passenger side of my car seems to feel wobbly even when driving on smooth paved roads. I recently got new struts, oil change, brand new tires and an alignment ( this obviously did not help the problem). It does not make any unusual noises either. One mechanic said that a caster was bent. Another said it was the rack and pinion, another said that nothing at all was wrong. Three different answers and more money spent just trying to figure this problem out........please help. Any answers are greatly appreciated. Also, about how much would it cost to have this problem fixed?1996 Chevy Cavalier steering problems....?
Not the tie rod. Could be the rack or the pinion. Question: Were the tires abnormally worn on the insides? If so, could signal the idler or Pittman arms. Only a mechanic will be able to correctly diagnose this problem by actually looking at the front end suspension.1996 Chevy Cavalier steering problems....?
Check the power steering rack mounting bolts if the bolts are loose the rack could shift back and forth causing the steering problems. Worn ball joints and tie rod ends could also cause the front end problems. Broken rubber bushings bushings could cause problems on both ends. The rear could also be a bad wheel bearing.1996 Chevy Cavalier steering problems....?
well if you steering wheel is not in the normal position when in a strait line i believe that it could be a %26quot;tie rod%26quot; or most likely the rack and pinion is loose... i had the same problem and i think it was my rack and pinion i hit a hard bump or something like that and it knocked a bolt loose but yea be careful cause your steering wheel could just stop working and wont turn anymore so i hope i helped1996 Chevy Cavalier steering problems....?
you need to take it to someone who does strictly front end work and alignments and have them check it,then they can tell you for sure what it needs,take it to a shop that can tell you,most shops now don't know how to properly check the front end on a front wheel drive car,and don't pay for them to check it,this should be done as a courtesy ,most shops now don't charge to check one,just to repair it,you could have some badly worn parts int it causing it to drive like this,good luck with it.